Already Qualified? Then Join us!

If you qualified with another diving organisation you’re welcome to join our active, vibrant club.

You can continue to dive to the limits of your current qualification and if you wish, can crossover to BSAC to continue your training with us.

Contact for more information on becoming a member and include your phone number as sometimes our email replies can end up in your spam folder.


If you are already a qualified diver then why not join us!

We welcome qualified divers from other agencies such as PADI, SSI or CMAS.

Qualified divers who want to join will be invited for a dive to meet some of our members and find out more about the club.

If you haven’t been in the water for a while we’ll organise a gentle start to get you going and can offer some refresher training in the pool.

Develop your skills

If you choose to crossover to BSAC then joining us can be a great way to maintain and develop your skills

We have a team of qualified instructors who can take you up to advanced level and can offer training in areas such as first aid, boat handling, chartwork and navigation as well.

Instruction is included in the club membership fee, you only need to purchase any training material like course manuals that are required.


As a member you get access to club diving on our boats or from the shore.

The club has a compressor so all your gas fills are included in the membership fee including nitrox up to 36%

As well as diving around Ireland, we organise dive trips to other destinations and in the past have dived at Scapa Flow, Isle of Man, Malta and the Red Sea to name few.

Training is provided by our own team of instructors